hanging in there

So, today I am feeling a little frustrated and disappointed. I have posted, networked and shared all the best things I can about my business…

“ok, ladies 🙂 Can other’s host online parties for your products? I will host one for you, if you host one for me!! Not only that, the first person to make a sale at her online party for Younique by Rachel will win a free 3D Mascara AND earn points towards free product!! First 3 hosts after the first winner will receive a free pigment of their choice, along with those points I just mentioned. Message me in FB and let’s get these parties started!!! ♥ Don’t have your own business, yet? No problem; host a party, reap the same benefits AND learn how you can get paid every single day!”
Still no one reaching out to me.

I know it takes time and patience. I’m not giving up and I know things will change. My team gives me all the tools to do this. I have seen two new recruits make sales and have had customers host parties for them. That gives me hope and I still feel that this was a great decision… just one of those days we will all have in the beginning.

So, that’s my post for today 🙂

Brightest blessings be yours,

Rachel- Independent Younique Presenter ♥Image


Beautiful Day Today!!


It’s so beautiful outside, today. I opened my drapes in the living-room and everything is white, and crisp. The snow is sparkling, and drifting with the wind.

Today I have so much optimism. I have this great feeling that I will fulfill my goal for the day, of two new customers. “Just two”, you say…oh yes, two. Because, when they see how fantastic their product is, they will return. They will share with their friends, and THEY will buy…and who knows; in one month I may increase my sales by over $1500.00!! I’m giddy just typing that!!

Today will be a good day!!! I know your’s will be, too. Just try to find the positive, no matter how hard it may seem. Know you can do it, and you will.

Blessings to all,




I have been feeling so bleh all day. Sore, tired and just yucky. I was going to just not post, but I thought about it and realized, that was not the best thing for me! I need to post, even if it is just a few sentences BECAUSE THAT WAS WHAT I SAID I WAS GOING TO DO.

I can’t ask other’s to depend on me, or expect them to, if I can’t depend on myself.

So, here’s my post!

Have a great night 🙂 Move forward…always move forward.Image


What a wonderful Sunday morning!

Well, I can’t say I did not know that one of my biggest issues is procrastination- I have known this for years lol. I can say that today, I will do what it takes to prevent procrastination from preventing ME being successful TODAY.  So, I’m sitting in my living room, in front of the fireplace (it is beyond freezing in here) and I am looking over a program that I was introduced to by my team mentor, Kennesha Morrison. It’s called Chalene Johnson’s 30 day Challenge. Chalene is sharing her techniques for success; and they seem really simple, but my biggest problem is PROCRASTINATION.  So, I have made it my number one priority to do this challenge. I want to succeed. It’s not just for the money, either. I want to be able to say, “Look what I was able to do in 2014.” Continuing with the same motivation I have felt for the past week, and pushing forward ONE DAY AT A TIME, I will achieve my goal! My goal is simply, to make my day productive in what it is I want. I know, that sounds simple enough, but for those of us who may have ADD, BPD, or just the I’ll get to it in a minute syndrome, that can be easier said than done.

I’m doing the challenge each morning. It takes no more than 15 minutes, and along with coffee, or what ever else it takes for you to wake up each morning, I am inviting you, too 🙂 The page is here: http://push.kajabi.com/

I hope today is all you want it to be, even if it is just relaxing with your puppy, on the couch, while you’re reading.

Brightest Blessings,