Why Youniquely Made

I never thought I would work from home like this. I spent years as a single mom, really wishing I could find a true job that would allow me to be at home with my kids. They exist, for those of you who have looked and didn’t find them. I’ve been with my main one for a year now, but as with just about any job these days, you need more than that. So I started my own “business”. I’ve done Avon and tried making my own hand made cards; there was just not enough time or energy left each day. So, I started working with Younique. I love it, I love the product, the owners, my team, I love everything aboout it 🙂 It’s not “easy” money, but it IS easier money. My own schedule, my own pace, and I can be creative with many of my own ideas. There are NO WEBSITE FEES, heck, no website building, they did that already! NO MONTHLY QUOTAS, NO MONTHLY FEES, NO DELIVERIES, NO ORDERING (ya, that’s right) and if you choose to, you can do it ALL online. Come on, try it. TRY IT lol. It’s a great feeling. Ask me whatever you need to; or just go here! https://www.youniqueproducts.com/byRachelSegura

~Rachel – Youniquely Made http://goo.gl/Wpwnh1



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